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洛陽梓哲管材有一支技術部門,可對鋼襯四氟管道 鋼襯PE管道 襯塑管道 鋼襯PO管道 襯膠管道等化工管尾礦管以及石油類、食藥類用管的圖紙,草圖,樣圖,自畫圖進行


洛陽梓哲管材有一支技術部門,可對鋼襯四氟管道 鋼襯PE管道 襯塑管道 鋼襯PO管道 襯膠管道等化工管尾礦管以及石油類、食藥類用管的圖紙,草圖,樣圖,自畫圖進行解析,分析出需要的管材管件規格尺寸等。我公司有著豐厚的制作經驗以及一對一的服務,我們也可委派工程進入現場進行圖紙繪畫和測量。

Luoyang Zizhe pipe has a technical department, which can analyze the drawings, sketches, samples and self drawn drawings of chemical pipes such as steel lined Teflon pipes, steel lined PE pipes, plastic lined pipes, steel lined Po pipes and rubber lined pipes, tailings pipes and pipes for petroleum and food and medicine, and analyze the required pipe specifications and dimensions. Our company has rich production experience and one-to-one service. We can also appoint projects to enter the site for drawing and measurement.

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